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Nationwide opportunities across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland


Provide vital support to schools and care homes in need of help when staff are sick or absent. 

Flexibility to choose:
• Short term temp or long term assignments
• Part time or full time roles

TIB exclusively recruit serving and former employees of the Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance Services.

Dependent on your skill level and experience we match you up with suitable work:

Competent DIYers

We are recruiting competent and confident DIYers to join our main caretaking and site team.
No qualifications or prior experience required.

Trades and Skilled Maintenance Operatives

Also recruiting trades and skilled handypeople to join our commercial maintenance team.
References and/or Certificates will be required.

Register today and we will get in touch with you when local schools and care homes request support.

Flexible part-time and full-time opportunities.

Operate either as a temporary worker (paid PAYE) or as a self employed subcontractor.

You choose, either 2-3 days each week or full time daily cover usually for between 1-12 weeks.

Caretaking and light maintenance typically pay around £84-120 per day (higher rates for qualified trades).

We handle the invoicing and payments for you.


You should be a competent DIYer who enjoys practical work but no qualifications are required.

Tasks vary and might include; security, checking premises, alarm tests, supervising cleaning staff, driving, porterage, minor repairs and maintenance.

Full training provided on each job.

Provide vital assistance.

Due to safeguarding requirements schools often struggle to find caretaker support when their own team are sick or absent for any reason, forcing busy teaching staff to step in and cover the role.

Work with friendly teams in a sociable environment.

You will be working alongside teaching and support staff. We primarily provide assistance to small local primary schools.

You will find variety day to day, you will be busy on your feet but the work is generally not too heavy.



People from the Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance Services



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Public Liability



Enhanced DBS and
Reference Checked